Photo of the Week: The Space Needle

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Although Mount Rainier, the Smith Tower, the Puget Sound ferries and Qwest and SAFECO Fields are all well-known symbols of Seattle, none is as closely tied to the city in the minds of most people as this structure:

From Scenic Seattle

Built for the 1962 World’s Fair, the Space Needle is 605 feet tall and weighs 3,700 tons. In the picture, you can clearly see one of the elevators making its way to the Observation Deck. On a calm day, it takes the elevators 43 seconds to reach the top. The Observation Deck is above the black ring in the middle of the top part of the Space Needle. Below the ring are the windows of the SkyCity restaurant, which revolves around slowly, giving diners an unparalleled view of Seattle. We had dinner there for our first wedding anniversary and it was a great time.

You can find out more fun facts about the Space Needle at this link.

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