Photo of the Week: The Olympics

Posted by Adrienne on April 9, 2008 under Uncategorized | Be the First to Comment

This week’s photo is from a bit closer to home (well, to our home). Enjoy the beauty of the Olympics:


 From The Beautiful Pacific Northwest

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This picture was taken by Josh from the Viaduct in Seattle as we were driving home after spending Thanksgiving with family. If you ever need to drive through Seattle, by-pass I-5 at about Sea-Tac airport and get yourself on state route 99, because you’ll see things like this – Elliot Bay, possibly with ferries; the Olympics, with snow, depending upon the season; and the best view of the Seattle skyline. Since moving to Seattle, I’ve become very attached to the Olympics, and in some ways, I like them better than the Cascades. They may not be as famous as the Cascades or Mt. Rainier, but they are just as beautiful.

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